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Message  John le Dim 3 Jan - 15:29

Hi, can I get a little help here on translation, I have struggled to get this far onto your forum (and I am very pleased to be here) just wanted to let you guys know about my steelies meeting here in the UK. Its on the 24th.Jan 2010 and runs from 3pm till 10pm we have some great players coming.... the last hour will be Sarah Jory ,Davis Hartley plus we have EU Hall of fame medals being presented. and a raffle is being held for the first "Steel Mixer" that comes off the production line!!!
these are the ticket sales so far.........

Steel Mixer>>>The Raffle. Ticket number Allocations.

David Hartley 1 and 2
Gwydaf Williams 3
Bob Adams 4/5/6/ and 7
Eddie Byrne 8/9/ and 10
Slimbo Pickins 11
Billy Murdoch 12 / 13
Rick Batey 14
Henry Senior 15 /16
Graham (ZB player) 17
John (Blue Lenton) 18 / 19
Ann Murdoch 20 / 21
Ian Forbes 22
Billy McKillop 23
Malcolm McMaster 24
Alan Thompson 25
Willy Gamble 26
My Sandra 27 / 28
Mr.Rondo 29
Keith White 30 / 31
Uncle Roy 32

These are the numbers so far allocated I hope there will be more otherwise its going to cost me quite a few spondoolicks to hold this raffle! But at this stage I have decided to go ahead with it!!!!!!!!

RE. Payment. Some of you have opted to pay for your raffle tickets on the night and that option will be available to you BUT, it would be a great help to me if those of you that know and trust me would put the fiver in the post to me GET PROOF OF POSTING FROM THE POST OFFICE ITS FREE!! When you post it . This way is the cheapest I have found for moving small amounts of cash. Paypal takes a mugging percentage, postal orders (if crossed) have to be paid through a bank And Dunnies bank charges over £1 to process cheques in the business account!! I intend to pay Dunny “up Front” for the device so your help here would be appreciated.

If I do get any replies to this would someone be kind enough to translate it for me please?......SmileSmileSmile


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